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Fields of expertise

Development of Electrical Distribution Systems

Based on various requirements in electrical and electronics domain, we have adapted our own processes and the necessary digital tools to our customer demand. The expertise field consists in electrical interconnection and 3D design for cables, contact and housing components, circuit systems and cable development for mass and fuse concepts.

Development of Metal and Plastic Components

Our services focus on complete development of metal and plastic automotive components, taking into consideration the necessary manufacturing procedures and specific customer requirements. We accompany the project from the conceptual design stage to the preparation for serial production of components. With innovative ideas and plenty of know-how, we contribute to an optimal result.

Production of Metal and Plastic Components​

Depending on customer's requirements, he can also benefit from the production of metal components after the drawings are completed. Prices differ depending on quantity and complexity. The financial aspect is to be discussed before placing the order. Ex: production of milled/ turned/ drilled/ threaded/ cut/ bent/ welded parts, plastic injection.

Measurements for the realization of Drawings and production components

Execution of drawings of the plastic or metal components, of the assemblies or subassemblies which they are part of. Drawings are made until the final stage before production. Making drawings and execution of components after making measurements within the client's company.

Development of plastic injection molds

Depending on each client needs, we will help them either with the development area or in the manufacturing field. We 100% recommend our clients, the complete process, from the early development phase to the completion of the execution.

Our Partners

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Connect with the client and sign
non-disclosure agreement


Analyze and discuss the client needs over the project


Design, develop and produce the product regarding the client requirements


Deliver in time , with high efficiency and quality the product or service


As a competent and reliable partner in the research and development fields, especially focused on design, development of electrical systems and execution of metal components, plastics and injection moulds, Schwarz Technology comes forward to support you offering its partners- high quality, perfect solutions and great timing at a convenient price.

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Schwarz Gruppe INT, founded in 2013, in partnership with its team of engineers and planner technicians, grounded our office in Sibiu, Romania. Today SGINT classifies among the elite companies in its field of activity.

We develop the future.

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